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Frothy-Mix to start presidential campaign

Former senator from Penn Hills (when it suited him at least) Rick Santorum is slated to begin his bid for the Republican nomination June 6, from a local coal field.

While I don’t expect the campaign to last, seeing as he has been in the low single-digits in most recent Republican polls (but if your name isn’t out there, you don’t get the FOX news contracts after the race), it will certainly be shameful to once again watch this man in the national media.

Miley Cyrus, of all people blasted Santorum and Urban Outfitter’s support of his campaign.  Now this will be a dumb question, but wasn’t there some Pittsburgh/Miley Cyrus connection a year or so ago?  Someone marrying a Penguin player?  Or am I totally mixing things up in my head?


While the IMF’s president, DSK, works through the legal system, I was reminded of this photo from the G-20 opening reception at Phipps:

Well that’s awkward.

Primanti’s and the Second Amendment

The Post-Gazette has an article about some people deciding not to eat at Primatin’s during the NRA convention.  Apparently, while working their way across the country, a gun-control group stopped in and took their picture with some of the staff.

While I’ve never been inclined to take my picture with the staff at Primanti’s, I grew up here, so it’s just a regular place I go to eat, something I probably take for granted.  While I think this falls under tourism more than activism…I actually agree with the NRA-type folks on the underlying issue.  And coming from a pacifist, that is saying a lot!

There are a few stores I don’t shop at because of the major political donations they have made.  That’s my choice.  Some of my friends think I’m crazy, because the small amount that I spend, really, in the grand scheme of things, won’t make a difference to those huge conglomerates.

And they are right: it won’t.  But I’m not going to give money to the stores that are actively trying to take away my rights.  And I would hope that everyone else does the same.  That is, does some research and finds out what stores support which issues, and vote with your wallet.

And as far as the famously over stuffed sandwiches are concerned:

As far as Primanti Bros. is concerned, perhaps the only customers who should feel unwanted there are dieters.

My civic duty…

Did not include a bake sale, for the first time I can remember (in response to the comment thread yesterday).

Instead, there was a gift basket auction.


Vote early, vote often, buy pastries

Just a friendly reminder that today is election day.  Make sure to stop by your polling location to vote, as well as (hopefully) pick up some awesome baked goods at a sale.  It’s your civic duty.  You know, the eating.

  • Need some help with election day, Lifehacker has you covered
  • Here is a handy guide to candidates (just put in your address), although I think it only does national candiates, I even found out about a third party candidate who I really like! 
  • It apparantly is getting hit with a lot of traffic, but this site is saying it will pull you up a sample ballot ahead of time.  Which is nice, I usually do the interactive one from the Post-Gazette, but they didn’t do it this year (at least, not the one that lets you see the issue of each candidate, then choose one, then at the end print out a ballot to take with you a reference). 
  • Need to find out where to vote?  Click here
  • And find out if you’re registered here
  • And finally, check out voting machine demos and other information from the State here.

Update: Adding another link and made it a bullet list.

Register to vote!

I know, I know, you probably don’t want to hear it, but Monday is the last day to register to vote, so I’m being told.

If you live in Pa, click here and you can see if you are registered.  Other states can try this site (although I haven’t used it).

Afterward, you can head to votesPA, to find information about polling location, issues and absentee ballots.

The general election isn’t until November, but please make sure you’re registered, otherwise you won’t be able to vote!  And then you’ll miss out on all those bake sales at the polling locations!  Remember, vote early, vote often and buy lots of pastries for good causes!

Big brother is watching

Protest outside the Federal Building, taken from the bus.  “Big Brother is Watching” was the only sign I could read as we went past, although some people were clapping, so apparently someone was speaking.

Required Reading

I don’t live in the city limits, I don’t get to vote for the mayor, but for many in the same situation, his (and city council’s) actions affect me.  I work in the city, I love this city, if I could spend more time in it (current road/sidewalk conditions notwithstanding) I would.  And I have generally supported the Mayor, probably from my empowerment of youth philosophy, he may be 30, but that’s still young, if not a youth per se.

I can look past some of this flaws, attribute them to his youth, as well as (from an outsider who doesn’t pay as much attention as I should) the inability for City Council to work with the Mayor on just about anything (hello, microcosm!).

However, recent shenanigans anger me.  And there are many, and many obvious ones, although I am more prone to look at the two broken promises, that sadly, should not have had to be promised.

  1. That the snow removal that was promised to be overhauled, in 2008 (h/t to PG+).  Full disclosure, I really haven’t had any problems on my short commute/walk, but I gather I’m pretty much the exception.
  2. An overhaul of the 911 system, which from what we can gather, Luke was working on today, even though it failed the city once again.

But even more than any of that, the lack of transparency is what bugs me.  Yes, Luke is oftentimes immature, and yes, City Council will sometimes egg him on, and not help the situation.  But honest communication and transparency would do a world of good.  For everybody.

So in the meantime, I’ll direct you to the actual required reading (I have no affront to think that I am in any way required, respected or regularly read as a writer about Pittsburgh, let alone a writer about Pittsburgh politics), over at That’s Church.  Check out the comments as well, where I felt some were spookily like my own sentiments.  Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:

You had that power.  The power was in YOUR hands this entire time to put a stop to the questions of your whereabouts.  It is because of YOUR actions that it got as bad as it did.  It was your decisions.  Your silence. You. All you.

No really, go vote.

If you didn’t vote this morning, polls are open until 8 p.m.  Find your polling place here and have your ID ready.  You can easily swing by on your way home from work or like me, get off a bus and into a car for a short drive to where you can use those cool touch screen voting machines!

Go Vote!

While not as glamorous as last year’s election, today is your day to go vote!  Need to know where to your polling place is?  Do you live in Allegheny County?  Then this is the link you need.  You can also make sure that you are registered to vote.  Take your ID and you’re all set.  You might even get candy or something (no promises).

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