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Morons from Upper Saint Clair

A while back the school board of the town of Upper St Clair, seen here represented by their local nuthouse, wanted to get rid of their high school’s International Baccalaureate Program. The problem, you see, was that IB programs promote thinking, an anti-Christian value.

A story in today’s Post-Gazette tells us that not only were the school board members anti-thinking, they were also jerks about it:

Former Upper St. Clair school Superintendent James Lombardo felt so much pressure from certain school board members who were trying to eliminate the district’s International Baccalaureate program in 2006 that he filed a formal complaint accusing them of violating the district’s anti-harassment policy and code of ethics.

At the time that this program was cancelled the claim was that Upper St. Clair didn’t have the money to pay for the it, a farsical claim that is contradicted not only by common sense, but also by this note in today’s story:

Dr. Lombardo said the two board members indicated that the majority would work to get raises for administrators and secretaries and find funds to support his efforts to “put in place an Asian studies and international studies program and beef up an [advanced placement] program if I mildly supported IB and openly supported moving in another direction with their ideas.”

As a result of these moronic claims by the school district, the state ponied up:

Funding will come from a combination of $45,000 raised by families of the students and $85,000 guaranteed by Gov. Ed Rendell to the district, board members said.

As a product of the Pittsburgh city schools, this was immensely offensive to me, and continues to be. If a bunch of nutcases from a suburb that is awash in cash want to get rid of an educational program, let them. If all this money is floating around to be spent on IB programs, how about Philly Ed ignores the willful morons of the Christian suburbs and provides one for my alma mater, where we were too broke to afford windows?

By the way, USC still has an IB program and a big pile of state money to spend on it. Peabody still has no windows.

Official word from Peduto: he opposes the stuff that Luke supposedly said

I learned the secret to this getting people to answer questions thing: don’t count on e-mail, instead go out for lunch and run into them. That is how I got to talk to Bill Peduto, seen here shortly before the moment when that coffee kicks in and he realizes that he is having a conversation in the middle of the street.

He and I chatted briefly about this contraception thing that I and others have been grumbling about. He expressed support for the availability of both contraception and other safe and legal reproductive health whathaveyou (read: leave women who need abortions alone).

I invited him to characterize oppostion to contraception “creepy” and to compare it to witch-burning, both of which he declined to do. He did say that impressing one’s religious beliefs on others showed a problem with one’s “moral compass” and called any effort to outlaw or make it difficut to get contraceptives to hypothetical “orthodox Jews” outlawing “ham sandwiches.” This may have been on his mind because he was buying what looked to me like a ham salad.

He also volunteered his support for safe and legal “health and beauty aids” from Walgreens in a joke that I did not understand.

Additional ammunition for those who would like to claim that this post is just one East End liberal elitist giving a free lectern to another: this happened at Whole Foods.

Gunpowder fizzler: I still intend to dedicate as much space here as the Mayor, seen here shopping for a Snugli with city police officers, would like to make his positions clear as soon as he gets a minute. Perhaps in addition to answering the questions I put to him by e-mail two fridays ago he can explain why contraception is not like a ham sandwich or come out against ham sandwiches.

No doubt his staff is still sleeping off the celebratory champagne they cracked open after yesterday’s landslide endoresement win, so I don’t expect to hear anything today, or possibly even tomorrow, depending how surprised they were by their margin of victory. I am sure a response will be coming by Wednesday.

If not, I am going to have to begin to consider the possibility that the Mayor doesn’t take me seriously.

Nothing is as thrilling as an ecclesiastical real estate divestiture

Despite the best efforts of a lot of people of Croatian heritage who don’t want to go to mass there anymore, St. Nicholas Church on the North Side is in the last stages of being sold to some jags from New York.

How do I know that they are jags? Just ask yourself one question: is that guy from Pittsburgh? If not, he’s probably a jag, a loser, or Jerome Bettis.

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