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The newest Pittsburgh pro sports team

LaMarr Woodley is the new owner of the Pittsburgh Jack Rabbits, our PBA team which will be competing against, among others, Jerome Bettis’ Motown Muscle.

The announcement of the logos can be found here, although I may also be rooting for Chris Hardwick’s Atom Splitters, as I’m a huge fan of the Nerdist industries.

Steelers Drum Line

I’m late to the game on this one, and there isn’t much time left, but I’m hoping that there will be some sort of last-minute push to put this over the edge: a Kickstarter project to support the all-volunteer Steelers Drum Line.

While it’s not official (yet), you’ve probably seen them on the North Shore before home games.

If you have some money you can throw in, it would be appreciated.  Besides, we can’t let Baltimore have something that we don’t!

Find out more and pledge here.

Concerning the Ravens and Heinz Field

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Ravens telling the NFL commissioner that they don’t want to play any nationally televised games at Heinz Field this upcoming season.  Most of this week I heard it on the radio every day.

However, I’ve been searching, and the only references I can find are about the 2009-2010 season.  I’ve seen a few forum posts scattered around, and they are current, but they don’t like to any new articles.

Has anyone heard differently?  Or is this a non-story (at least this season)?


What a weekend.  Here is the list of Pittsburgh Fail:

  • Pens lose 3-0 to the Caps
  • Christina Aguilera botched the National Anthem
  • Steelers lost to Green Bay

But we move on, as we must, and as we always have.  It was a fantastic season and we still have a lot more of the NHL season to go.  The weekend could have been better, but I hope you at least got to spend it with family and friends, like I did.

Steelers Update

Okay, I’m not a huge football fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I will only root for the Steelers, but as a general rule, I don’t like football, I’d rather watch hockey (or soccer, or the Olympics).  I’ve watched very few minutes of football this season, but of course, I’ll be watching this Sunday.

So I decided that this year, even if I didn’t watch the games (and since they were winning, I’m going to assume that me not watching is what propelled them to victory), I would still try to be more involved somehow.  Really, my goal was to be able to have a conversation at work about the games.  You know, instead of my deer in the headlights stare.

It was suggested that I check out ‘Yinz luv da Stillers’ on Youtube, and it’s amazing.  Also, I’m probably the last one to realize this, but Jim Shearer is on VH1, so that was cool to see him this morning while I made a sandwich.

Here is their latest episode:


I apologize for the lack of embedding, still getting all the dust settled…

Next up, is Coke Cheers.  Coke is going to donate a whole bunch of money to the local Boy and Girls Club, but right now, Green Bay is way out in front of us.  Go check it out and add your cheers and support a great cause.  Beating Green Bay.  Oh yeah, and the children.

And lastly, Twerrible Towel.  With a little bit of magic (that I will let Ginny explain through her interview here), anytime the hashtag #steelersnation is used on twitter, a real-life Terrible Towel is waved automatically.  It’s been fun to watch, which you can do here.  No go to twitter and get cracking!

I’ll be back next week with Pens news, a lot going on between goalie fights, the upcoming trade deadline and Malkin’s injury, there is a lot to cover.  But for now, we all bleed black and gold for the Steelers.

Merry Christmas from the Steelers


Steelers remember Br. Pat

I’m a graduate of Saint Vincent College, so I’m used to training camp and all the excitement (read: litter) that comes with it.  Going to such a small school, everyone gets to know everyone else, including the staff and the monks.  Sadly, one of the kindest men there on campus, Br. Pat passed away this week.

I did not have as much interaction with Br. Pat as some others did, but every time I passed him, he always stopped to chat, and was genuinely interested in how I was, and how things were going.  He was that kind to everybody.  I often found him in the student center, while on my way to class, but I made sure to take a few minutes to chat with him.

Br. Pat founded the SVC fire department, which not only serves Saint Vincent, but also the local communities surrounding campus.  I knew he was the bowling coach when there was a team (the old alleys had been made into tables outside of the cafeteria, but those tables are no longer there), but he also worked in the sheet metal and plumbing shop.

Br. Pat is remembered by the Steelers as taking care of the fields, even though it was in an unofficial capacity.  I was touched that the Steelers were kind enough to put up an article on their official site, which also has a nice view of campus.  Br. Pat will certainly be missed.

Post-marathon musings

Two things I want to pass on from the Marathon.

First, Deadspin covered the bomb-scare with the aptly titled article, “Pasta-Based Terrorism Strikes Pittsburgh Marathon

And on PG+, this fantastic photo:

Big Ben’s statement…fortune cookie version

I’m going to take the advice of @thindes and play the fortune cookie game with Ben’s statement, adding “in bed” to the end of each sentence.

For the record, I like to add “except in bed” to the end of fortune cookies.  It’s a fun twist, and saves you from really awkward moments when you get a fortune about family.

Sunday morning videos

I found these both via PG+ and I wanted to post them here.

I love Arrested Development, football not so much (I’d much rather watch hockey), although I do root for the Steelers, that goes without saying.  This video brings those two things together:


And this has been making its rounds, the students at Plum Senior High put this together as a tribute to the Pens:


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