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Hey, Conflict Kitchen:

Remember when I posted about Conflict Kitchen and how they needed our help on Kickstarter?  I like to think I really helped.  That story got passed around by a bunch of people, even Bill Peduto (Thanks, Bill!), and they made their goal.

Now here’s the deal.  I gave money because it’s a really awesome project that I wanted to support.  I don’t want to sound ungrateful, that’s what charity is for, to help others.  However, I gave a specific amount because of what the backer gifts were.  I love music, and am interested as to what contemporary Iranian music is.  I also really wanted to read the facts and see the layout of the food wrappers, since I wasn’t able to get down during Kubideh Kitchen.

But still, I have not seen any of those.  I’ve tried contacting both Conflict Kitchen and Waffle Shop, but to no avail.  Maybe they’ll read this and maybe I’ll get my stuff.  I sure do hope this is resolved.

Iranian cuisine at Conflict Kitchen

Waffle Shop put up a great video showcasing Iranian food, which was being featured at Conflict Kitchen.  Stick around until the end for the cooking-show-esque demonstration:


Last days to help Conflict Kitchen

There are just a few days left to help Conflict Kitchen reach their goal to open Bolani Pazi.  It’s a great project, one that I wish I could write more eloquently about.  But since I can’t, I’ll let Kristen take it:

Yet, that’s just what we do. We demonize the citizens of countries the United States is in conflict with.

We act as if people don’t have families they love, jobs to go to, hobbies and interests just the way we do.

We act as if the Russians-Iranians-Syrians-Afghanis, (and the list goes on,) DON’T love their children, too.

And think about doing something to change the world we live in today. In a small way. By acknowledging the humanity of someone you’ve never met. By tasting the world they live in.

World Peace isn’t some amorphous, impossible thing. World Peace is all of us, doing something, even something small, to make it happen.

Find out more about Conflict Kitchen here, and chip in a few bucks over at Kickstarter here.

Update: Thanks for everyone’s help, Conflict Kitchen reached it’s goal and will be funded!  You can still chip in some money (and get some cool gifts in return).

Conflict Kitchen needs your help

Conflict Kitchen, the discussion-starting cafe run by The Waffle Shop is working to open their next incarnation, Bolani Pazi, featuring Afghan take out.  I love the Waffle Shop, and love the premise of Conflict Kitchen:

It is easy to forget that behind all of the government conflicts there are people and a culture. When this personal connection is lost, things become dangerous. Conflict Kitchen creates a public forum and space for discussions that might not normally take place, mediated by food.

And previously-unknown to me, Conflict Kitchen ran some awesome programs, just like Waffle Shop does:

Conflict Kitchen also programs public events to more directly connect everyday Americans with everyday people from the country of focus. For example, Kubideh Kitchen brought together members of the public for a live Skype meal between Tehran and Pittsburgh, during which groups in both countries shared the same meal on a virtually connected table: an inter-continental dinner party.

That Skype meal with a citizen of the country Conflict Kitchen is featuring sounds really cool, right?  Well, now’s your chance.  Conflict Kitchen has a campaign going on on Kickstarter, and depending on how much you give, you could have your very own Skype meal.  Even if you can’t give at that level, every little bit helps.

Please consider giving to Conflict Kitchen, and don’t forget to stop by!

Conflict Kitchen needs workers

Waffle Shop’s Conflict Kitchen is looking for some people to work Monday-Friday, 10-3.  Currently, Conflict Kitchen is serving the Iranian kubideh.

More information here.

Conflict Kitchen follow up

I previously wrote about Conflict Kitchen, and now the PG has covered it, adding this amazing little fact:

“I am a locavore, so the beef we use is from a cow in Ligonier, and the flour is from a gristmill in Latrobe.”

Being a graduate of Saint Vincent, I can attest to how awesome everything that comes out of the Gristmill is, next time you’re out that way, stop in, you may even see some of the monks making flour, and be sure to swing around the back to the coffee shop!

And related, above Conflict Kitchen and Waffle Shop is their billboard project, a public forum.  The first is up:

Conflict Kitchen

The creators of the Waffle Shop are back, having expanded into the space next door.  They are now presenting, Conflict Kitchen, a rotating, take-out food place that serves ethnic cuisine from a county that the United States is in conflict with.  Right now, they are offering the Iranian Kubideh.

Programming appears to be planned, but nothing has been announced yet, although any events will take place in the Waffle Shop.

Want to learn more about Iran?  Check out the wrappers that will be used for your Kubideh here.

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