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Pa’s DOMA case

After the Supreme Court ruled on the Windsor case, the ACLU moved swiftly, and their first lawsuit was here in Pennsylvania, challenging our state-wide DOMA in Whitewood v. Corbett.

Our Attorney General has decided to not defend the state, as in her professional opinion, the law is unconstitutional and she would not be able to defend it.  Please note, while this is her personal opinion, as a lawyer, her professional opinion is that the law is unconstitutional, and defending it would be a waste of tax-payer time for a frivolous exercise.

The Judge randomly assigned, John Jones III, is a bit of an enigma.  He is conservative, and has the backing of, of all people, Rick Santorum.  But he also ruled that a public school could not teach Intelligent Design in a science class.

Talking about that case:

“I take every case as it comes, but beyond that, anybody who is familiar with the Kitzmiller case understands that I gave both sides ample opportunity to present their cases, and I’ll certainly do that in this case as well.”

So we’ll see what happens, the courts seem to take a while, so we’ll be waiting for a bit.  But watch this space, I’ll keep you updated.

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