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EMTs and Firefighters

Maybe it’s not being described exactly right, maybe I’m not understanding it correctly (and slogging through the comments hasn’t helped much either), but I have to agree with Ginny over at That’s Church about the ridiculous way Pittsburgh handles emergencies.

Go over and read the whole thing, here’s a favorite quote:

If there are people trapped in cars, aren’t the firefighters already going to the scene along with the EMTs? So why not let them do the rescue and let the EMTs worry about the medical side of things? Doesn’t that just make sense?

Maybe I’m a bit biased, having worked at a camp for 11 years, and being a first aider for many of those years, but when we responded to something, whoever got there first jumped in until the full-time medics came along to help out.  Also, more often than not, someone would come to the office for help, and I’d be there assisting until the medic drove out to our sub-camp.

But again, I’m sure I’m not understanding the whole arrangement in the city, just still seems not as useful to the victims.

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