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Stone House/Stone Beer

The Stone House in Farmington (Fayette County) is hosting a special night with beer pairings by Stone Brewery.  Stone is wildly popular in the craft beer scene, although I tend to only see the IPAs, so I stay away.  I have recently had the smoked porter with vanilla bean, and it quickly has become an absolute favorite of mine (there is also a pepper version, also very tasty).

I’ve only eaten at the Stone House once, but I liked it a lot, although the parking still confuses me, there is plenty of it, but I never see anyone park on the one side.

If your’e up for a scenic and pretty drive, head on up the mountain and check it out.

First report from the field; overheard at Subway

I’m posting from Farmington, on assignment for the summer, so posts will be fewer and further between for me (internet access is sometimes hard to come by).  And on a quick side note, I do have another Village Voice in the works for New Stanton, I’m still working on getting the picture I need for it though, hopefully it’s a feature I can keep going.


Anyway, on my way here for the summer, I stopped at a Subway on 119 for dinner near Connellsville.  While enjoying my tuna sub, I overheard a strange conversation, and of course realized, that I’ve probably had conversations just as strange, and things really don’t change as much as I think as I get further away from home, they just pull things into perspective.


So I was sitting there, and I overheard the statement: “ men are like pizzas, you can put cheese and pepperoni on them.”  Now I really don’t understand that statement, nor do I think (or hope) that it is supporting a cannibalistic lifestyle.  However, I was at a loss, so I quickly finished my sub and headed down the road, through construction of course, letting the statement replay in my head.

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