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Heinz returns to the Superbowl

*tap tap tap.  This thing on?

Heinz returns to the Superbowl this weekend, after a 16 year absence and for the second time ever.  The commercial, in my opinion, is very well done, with one exception: you should hit the bottle where the neck joins the body, where the ’57’s are in the glass.  But if you want to check it out early, here it is:

Coming up next this week, my review of Quantum Theatre’s “Madagascar.”

I’ve been away for a bit, mostly due to the fact that I’m not downtown on a daily basis anymore, but sometimes, I’m reminded how much I love this city, and I get sucked right back in, so expect more regular postings!

Physics and ketchup

Man Made DIY takes a look at the Heinz Ketchup bottle:

The solution is to trigger the shear thinning effect at the top of the bottle, not the bottom. That unclogs the mouth and lets the ketchup below to freely flow

I actually suggest hitting the bottle where the neck tapers, on one of the “57”s in the glass.  Works every time.

Check it out here.

Awesomeness of the day aka advancements in ketchup packets

Heinz unveiled a new design for the ketchup packet today, and it’s pretty awesome.  Firstly, it holds three times as much ketchup as before.

And secondly, it provides the option to squeeze or dip.  I didn’t even know I wanted to be able to dip from a ketchup packet!  I’ve always just squeeze a bunch of packets into a big pile on a napkin and worked it that way.

Now I don’t think this will revolutionize eating, and eating on the go, as some people are predicting, but hey, I don’t have kids, so maybe it’s more of an issue than I realize. 

This now makes me wonder if “old style” packets will now be some sort of weird collectors item.  Maybe if you hold on to them long enough they’ll turn that nasty color of Hunt’s Ketchup.

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