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New parking app

A new app was released today to help people downtown find a space to park.  Park Pittsburgh shows how many spaces are available in each lot, as well as showing the prices and nearby attractions to each parking garage.

I love that it came into existence out of the need of one man, and will now (hopefully as it spreads), benefit the entire city.

iPhone users can download the app, other smartphone users can go to a mobile site, or view the information via text message, call a number to listen to availability or view it through a web browser.  I’m guessing Mr. Benter uses an iPhone, but I am anxiously waiting for the Android app as well.

I went to the mobile site, and it’s pretty awesome.  The only addition I could think of, would be to add driving directions to the garage entrance using your phone’s GPS, although that may be a feature of the app, I don’t know.

Anyway, thanks, Mr. Benter (and your team of engineers and the Cultural Trust), for making it a little bit easier to park downtown, I can’t wait to see how this expands!

iphone 3g line and Voter Registration

Since I was up and working on email early this morning I decided to head to the Coffee Tree on Walnut Street in Shadyside for a cup of coffee. I had to cross quite a line of people to actually get into the Coffee Tree. At 8am this morning the new iphone 3g is going on sale and this is quite a line of people waiting to get the new iphone.

While waiting in line – the Apple employees are handing out free coffee from the coffee tree (thank you for supporting a local business) and there are 2 guys working the line with clipboards of voter registration forms (I think they are wearing Obama buttons but I am not sure).

I did a quick search of Pittsburgh bloggers – thus far the only other person blogging about the iphone is – he decided the iphone 3g isn’t for him yet.

It’s now 8:30 am and the line is still stretching as far as the Coffee Tree.

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