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The Last Biggest Record Collection Ever

We old folks remember things like typewriters, card catalogs and music stores – artifacts of a hard copy era, where people relied exclusively on the paper and plastic recordings of things.

The passage of that era is a gradual slough of analog into digital, and certainly not something that happens in an instant. One indicator of this fundamental evolution of media distribution is that Paul Mawhinney’s gigantic record collection is likely going to be the last of its kind.

When Rasputina‘s new album came out, I clicked a link and downloaded it to my computer. I’ve been doing it this for long enough that I haven’t bought a physical copy of music in at least four years. If you think I’m in the minority, think again – the iTunes Music Store, which exists only in the digital aether, is now the number 2 largest music seller.

Paul can retire, now that the collection has been sold to a “gentleman from Ireland.” It seems only fitting that the largest compendium of hard-copy music recordings found its next owner via a site that also has no physical component – it sold for $3,002,150 on eBay.

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