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Grass cutting made easy

One of the blogs from the Post-Gazette I follow is Gardening with Doug.  I like to think I inherited a green thumb, and I may have, at least compared to those around me.

But anyway, on a weekend like this, hopefully, you’re not outside cutting the grass (or at least you’re waiting until it cools down in the evening).  However, you should check out this post, where Doug reviews a grass-cutting robot.

I remember some of the original robots being much smaller, looked flimsy and couldn’t handle many hills, so it basically made them worthless for Pittsburgh, but this new one looks much more sturdy.  Hopefully the price comes down, that would be awesome!

Enjoy the long weekend!

First Newspaper West of the Alleghenies

Google has begun a project to scan as many newspapers as they can (presumable to have a database to search and for history’s sake).  I was alerted to this fact via Lifehacker, who featured this issue of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette from July, 1969.

The scanning isn’t perfect so far, and on as small a monitor as I have, it can be a pain to read the articles, but it’s still pretty cool.  Also, page 16 ends up as page 1 due to how it was scanned, a small detail, but it bugs me a little bit.

Anyway, it could be a fun tool to use and compare not only layouts and typography (I know, I’m a dork), but you know, the news.

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