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The July Project




As part of the First Night 2009 festivities, a boarded up storefront was covered in white paper and sharpies were provided for people to write their New Year’s resolutions down.

I was walking down Strawberry Way (I needed dinner and decided to hit up Qdoba since I am boycotting Bruegger’s downtown) and I found myself face to face with this wall, filled with all kinds of messages and drawings.  I was intrigued.  So I took a whole bunch of pictures.  Soon after, the paper came down and I believe construction continues behind the plywood on Liberty Ave.

So now that we’re past the halfway mark of 2009, I present to you, The July Project. 

I wonder how many of these resolutions were kept, and how many were soon forgotten.  Some are funny, some are sad.  Some are exclamations, while some choose to draw instead of write.  Others aren’t resolutions at all, but still made me stop and think about new beginnings, and the hope and promise that January 1 brings.  Maybe some of that will carry over now that we’re past July 1.  Or maybe we’ll just all get a laugh.  But however this all plays out, here’s hoping that we can all find something worthwhile.

Past the break, some comments about the resolutions seen above, as well another pic from the wall.


Fightin’ Words!

Over at Chris Cooley’s Blog, his brother (at least I think TC is his brother) posted an article comparing Alex Ovechkin to Crosby.  Of course, for whatever reason, TC, as well as the other contributors to the site have an irrational hatred of everything Pittsburgh (take a look at FWC’s blog post on the sidebar).

Well, a good old fashioned flame war is starting in the comment section, and Pittsburgh fans have been chiming in, defending Sid and the city.  While I can’t condone any sort of mean spirited discussion, and like every other online argument no one wins, head on over if you want to join the fray, or at least raise your blood pressure a little bit.

Update: Now it appears that comments have been disabled.  Pittsburgh seemed to have the majority of the recent comments the last time that I checked, but really it had just fallen apart into name calling and rude comments (from all sides invovled mind you).  But hey, we can chalk it up for a win if we want.  Oh you crazy interwebs and your drama.

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