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Countdown to XLIII: 5 (take 2)

Oh my goodness, two posts in one day, and both about the Steelers.  Although truth be told, this one is about the Steelers and video games.

EA played their sixth annual game of Madden to call the Super Bowl, and so far, they are 4-1.  The game, according to EA Sports, will be won by the Steelers, 28-24.

Another good omen?  Or just a silly publicity stunt?  Maybe a bit of both.

Countdown to XLIII: 5

One of my all time favorite bloggers, PittGirl, is back for Super Bowl week.  She’ll be blogging over at Have a Good Sandwich.  Make sure to check it out!  And while she said she won’t be doing as many updates as she once did at her own site (thankfully giving my F5 key a rest), it’s still great to be reading her thoughts and everyone’s comments.

The only problem I have is that I forget who all the characters are.  I know who The Duke of Fug and the Earl of Gross is, but otherwise, I feel I need a primer on all the characters again…

Countdown to XLIII: 6

Something that has come up in conversation numerous times lately (and also at various times that I can recall), is the fact that you can go just about anywhere and find Steelers fans.  I posted last week about the Terrible Towel in Space, but another item that seems to propagate is the Steelers-themed bar.

A friend from college studied a semester in Australia and found a Steeler bar down under, and I always hear about finding Steeler bars in cities across the country and countries around the world.

Doing some research about it (since I don’t travel a lot, I figured I could live a little vicariously through google…) I actually found a list that the Post Gazette has put together by state.

Countdown to XLIII: 7

Here’s the tie that I got for the party at work on Friday. I liked it, mostly because it isn’t the normal kind of tie that just duplicates the team’s logo over the whole thing. More to come!

Countdown to XLIII: 12

Two items of note, about the Terrible Towel.  Both have been making their rounds, but I figured that now was a good time to post them.

The first is a video at WTAE’s website of the Towel in space, pretty awesome!

The second is from a recent Pen’s game, Fleury came back on the ice briefly in support of the other Black and Gold:

I have a story about how I came in possession of my own Terrible Towel, hopefully I’ll have a chance to share it in the next few days!

Countdown to XLIII: 13

I headed to the Steelers Store in Monroeville Mall today to pick up a tie.  There’s a big story involved (story and picture to come a bit later), but needless to say, I had to pick up a tie because the Steelers are advancing to the Super Bowl.
Anyway, it was decently crowded, especially for a Monday morning (albeit Martin Luther King Jr. Day, assuming a good number of people have the day off).  The long table seen in the front was filled with AFC champion shirts, with an employee ready to help anyone find their size.
Moving on (as I felt I’ve rambled on too long already), If you’re looking to stop by an official store, you can head to Monroeville Mall, Pittsburgh Mills, South Hill Village or the Outlets at Grove City.  But really, you can head to The Strip, most grocery stores, most convenience stores, probably a lot of bookstores…you get the idea.
Any good items or deals out there?
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