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Hey, you, in the Steel Tower

There’s a blood drive going on today.  Go to Conference room 1080 (10th Floor), walk ins are welcome and I bet there will be some juice.  Maybe even cookies.

Oh yeah, and everyone who donates will get two free Pirates tickets.

Go be a hero and make the world a better place!

That was easy


Give me another one to figure out!

Question about the Creche

To anyone to works in the Steel Building, or walks past it, quick question.  Is this the first year there is music?  I don’t seem to remember Christmas carols the last three years being played.  Each day when I walk past I pause my Zune (I know, I know, but I love it) and try to hear it over the noise of traffic.

___________ (adjective)

Nine days after it was announced, and almost a week since the letters began to appear on our skyline (read the story here), the USX tower still provides a Pittsburgh MadLib.  Now granted, the first day I saw the letters, I was a little confused and did not make the connection that there should be an “M” in the middle of “UP   C,” but I’ll chalk that up to my brain not quite firing on all cylinders that early in the morning.

 Anyway, I snapped these pictures, more updates to come as work progresses, and if I ever find myself in a place to see the third side of the building.


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