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Venture Outdoors Fireworks Paddle

And I’m back.  I wanted to take a minute to talk about the most recent adventure I went on with Venture Outdoors: Fireworks Paddle.

At the start of the Pirates game, we headed down underneath the Clemente Bridge, got our kayaks, PFDs and paddles and after some brief instruction, headed out onto the water.

There were a lot of us, and we were much more spread out than on other VO events (since the boats bounce into once another and it’s generally annoying when you do), so it was more of a relaxing, solitary look at the setting sun bouncing off the skyline.

We made our way up to Herr’s Island and then headed back towards PNC Park, all the while, in my head, singing Ride of the Valkyries.  As the sun finished setting, the game finished up (Pirates won by the way) and we had the best seats in the house for the fireworks.

It was mentioned beforehand, but I was surprised how much the water and boats were rocked by each blast.

Aside from a jagoff motorboat boat operator (who said he couldn’t see us even though we had lights and to get out of his way as he started to move), it was an awesome night.  The staff at Kayak Pittsburgh are amazingly efficient and helpful.  VO talked about it on their blog, and there’s another one scheduled for August.  Make sure to check it out if you want to see Pittsburgh from a new perspective.  I’ll have some pictures posted soon!

Wigle Whiskey

Last weekend, I did an awesome activity with Venture Outdoors, we did a hike through the Strip District which was followed by a tour of Wigle Whiskey.

As I learned, about 40 percent of Venture Outdoors activities are somehow connected to food and dink, and I have to say, it’s a great way to get people outside.

We started at the Distillery and then hiked through the Strip, across the 16th Street Bridge and down to Washington’s Landing on Herr’s Island.

Along the way, we learned various historical facts, which was pretty awesome.

The tour of the Distiller was really good, our tour guide was very informative and absolutely hysterical.  We all started with a cocktail, learned the story of Wigle and how whiskey is made.  Our tour ended with a lesson on how to taste whiskey, and of course, a chance to apply our newly learned skills.

Special thanks to Wigle Whiksey and Venture Outdoors.  The trip is done every other month or so, so if you’re interested, you should be able to do the trip once more this year I think.  Check out the rest of my pictures here.

3 Websites – Remodeling, Outdoors and Maps

Here are 3 websites that have looked at today that I think are worth sharing:

  • Bless This DIY Mess is a blog about a couple that has moved to Pittsburgh and is documenting their experience remodeling an older home in Highland Park. I really like this post about the history of their piano and the piano doctor.
  • Venture Outdoors has launched a new website – you can now sign up for any of their many awesome activities online. Is is easier to search for things to do too. A much welcomed improvement for a great organization. If you aren’t familiar with Venture Outdoors you should be – they make it very very easy for anyone to participate in outdoor activities – never tried hiking, biking, skating, kayaking? They have a beginner session for you. They bring the gear, maps, saftey info – you just have to show up.
  • Null Space is a blog that I have been keeping an eye on for a while. A friend just sent me the link again today and reminded me of all of the great info that is provided here.Chris Briem works in at Pitt for the Program in Urban and Regional Analysis.  His blog offers some great insight into local issues and some great maps to illustrate his blog posts.  Check out this post on congressional redistricting and why Tim Murphy wont endorse McCain.  He also includes some great photos – I like this one from Flag Day 1941.
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