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Zombie store opens in Lawrenceville

A new zombie store has opened in Lawrenceville,  House of the Dead operates in a niche perfectly made for, and from, Pittsburgh:

“I don’t think House of the Dead would have worked anywhere else but Pittsburgh. We’re the zombie capital of the world.”

Blogh has a great article up about it, check it out here.

Scenes from the Monroeville Mall

I love zombies.  Ask anyone.  However, my love mostly goes into books and the occasional movie and video game.  That being said, I think the  international zombie day is a wonderful thing, especially since it is a huge fund and food raiser for the Pittsburgh Food Bank.  Personally I have no desire to get dressed up, but more power to those that do.  The Zombie Olympics are going on right now in the parking lot outside of the old Boscov’s (and before that, Kauffman’s) end of the mall, and the record-setting zombie walk will take place at 6.

Coming to the mall on this day is always a treat, I laughed when I got cut-off by a family of four zombies in a pick-up truck, and once had to stop myself from complimenting someone on her make-up and costume: she wasn’t here for the walk.  Oops.

And, quite ironically, going on at the Monroeville Convention Center right across the road is a gun bash.  I hope they have shotguns.  Or even better, machetes.

Updates from the Igloo

Pens won tonight, exciting stuff.  Also, I just found out that CMU has created a service inside the Mellon Arena called Yinz Cam.  If you have a WiFi phone, you can get a signal that shows different cams, including one of the bench, penalty box or overhead.  The service is in beta testing, so only 200 people can be watching at once, and they warn that the signal is aimed primarily at the club level seats, but should reach everywhere inside.

I’m hoping to see a game next month, and I’ll certainly try it out.  At that game I’m planning on wearing the Monroeville Zombies jersey which arrived at my door today.  Of course I wouldn’t have a normal jersey.  And besides, it’s still Pittsburgh, just in an obscure and undead way!

Go Zombies!

Hockey is a pretty big deal in this town – well, it’s a big deal as long as the Penguins are winning. Ok, maybe it’s a big deal all the time, but people like me (that is, people who don’t like sports) don’t notice it unless the Penguins are winning. So, the Pens are doing well this year, eh? I guess that’s cool, if you’re into it.

Anyway, the Pittsburgh area has a hockey team that interests me way more than the Penguins interest me, except this more interesting team doesn’t exist except in a movie and it’s not spending millions of dollars on a new rink or whatever.

Ladies and gentlemen: the Monroeville Zombies!


Kevin Smith, the director of Zack and Miri Make a Porno, is a bit of a geek, which typically includes being a fan of zombies and zombie movies. Monroeville Mall was the location of the original Dawn of the Dead. Aside from that, Smith’s new movie was filmed in Pittsburgh, creating a perfect little package of Pittsburgh/nerdy/zombie/Kevin Smithy references.

The movie opens on October 31st. Duh.

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